“In 1941, Bulova Ran The Very First Television Commercial."

It Was 10 Seconds Long. And Cost Them $9.

And Their Ad Agency Didn’t Even Tell Them They Were Going To Get Them On The First Page Of Google.

In 1941, an ad agency sold the very first television commercial to watchmaker Bulova for $9.00. It aired on July 1, 1941.

We are fairly certain the ad agency did not sell the spot by explaining how Bulova’s website needed Search Engine Optimization, or that they needed Reputation Management, YouTube Videos, Or Social Media (gasp!).


Well, first, Al Gore had not invented the internet yet.

And because the only thing Bulova was interested in was, “how many watches are we going to sell if we spend $9 bucks with you?”

Which is, by the way, something called an ROI.

Unlike other internet marketing consultants, we're not trying to sell you something (well, not right away ... ).

Because we care about ROI. Your ROI.


Our Focus Has Always Been On Finding The Best ROI For Our Clients. But How You Get The Quickest ROI Has Changed.

Our focus has changed almost solely to Local Internet Marketing.


Because Local Internet Marketing is either going to help your company flourish.

Or it's going to destroy you.


Local Internet Marketing Is Either Going To Help Your Business Flourish. Or Kill It. Here's Why ...

  • Google now averages over 40,000 search queries EVERY SECOND, 3.5 BILLION searches per day.
  • 46% of all searches on Google are seeking LOCAL information.
  • 50% of people who conduct mobile searches for a LOCAL business will visit the store within one day.
  • Over 75% of searches for LOCAL businesses on mobile devices end up buying from LOCAL stores.
  • By 2021 mobile devices will influence over $1.4 trillion in LOCALly based sales.
  • In 2018, Google accounted for 72.5% of desktop traffic (Bing 8%, Yahoo 5%).
  • 97% of people find out more about a LOCAL company through the internet.
  • 72% of consumers, who search for LOCAL businesses, end up visiting stores within 5 miles.
  • 70% of customers visit a LOCAL business based on information found online.
  • LOCAL search beats social media by more than 300% as a traffic source.

NuaVista Is An Internet Marketing & Advertising Agency That Looks At Things Differently.

We’ll help you get found on the internet. We’ll help you get leads. We’ll track those leads. We’ll help you get more business. And with a good ROI.

Sorry, we can't do it for $9 like Bulova. But we have incredible services for $47-$97. And plans starting at just $97 a month. And ones with 30-day free trials. Plus a new one that lets you advertise on some of the world’s largest sites and costs you nothing until you get new business.

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